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  • Clizapy

    AP Cho'Gath

    January 27, 2013 by Clizapy

    This is not really not a new concept but i would like to bring it back becasue of all the new AD casters Mid which makes me sad a little bit becuse im a traditional AP mid player. Cho'Gath is very versitile and i would consider one of the most strongest champs out there becuase of his kit. His sustain in lane is ridicolous and his Ult passive makes him quite beefy.

    The problem with AD mid right now is that they can basically destroy the standard Mid's like Veigar or Orianna in 1v1 fight assuming that veigar doesnt nuke them first. Cho has the perfect counter to that becasue of how beefy he is and is actually good at counter intiating meaning that if they go all in but dont kill you Cho would likely destroy the opposing enemy with his lock t…

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  • Clizapy

    Urgot Support

    December 29, 2012 by Clizapy

    Urgot has been untouched for quite a while now so I've been thinking of a way to make him viable. Don't get me wrong he is great at what he does (Which is bullying your lane oppenents) but he doesn't fit in the current Meta, so I've been thinking up of a way to try and fit him in. The only way i have thought of is Support(He does well Mid, Top and ADC but just not as well as others).

    Urgot is very strong early game with his harrass and abusing this can lead into shutting the down the enemy carry. His main goal is to switch a carry/someone important from the other team. This is a great advantage to your team because it suppreses the enemy carry, positioning them in a bad spot where you're team can burst him/her down.

    During laning phase just …

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