This is not really not a new concept but i would like to bring it back becasue of all the new AD casters Mid which makes me sad a little bit becuse im a traditional AP mid player. Cho'Gath is very versitile and i would consider one of the most strongest champs out there becuase of his kit. His sustain in lane is ridicolous and his Ult passive makes him quite beefy.

The problem with AD mid right now is that they can basically destroy the standard Mid's like Veigar or Orianna in 1v1 fight assuming that veigar doesnt nuke them first. Cho has the perfect counter to that becasue of how beefy he is and is actually good at counter intiating meaning that if they go all in but dont kill you Cho would likely destroy the opposing enemy with his lock them down then feast.

His matchups against Ap is decent because of the silence but the only reason why he is'nt that great is because he can be kited to death and his Ult brings him up close. Orianna would be a great example and is a pain to deal with(first hand experience).  

His build depends on the situation because he needs armor and resist to enter the fight and feast someone but a more interesting(more fun) build is to go full ap(glass cannon) and do a lot of damage(you will be squishy). His Feast does true damage so make sure you read how much health they are on and use it as a finisher. Once you have full stacks you can spam that 300 true damage whenever its up.

You can change GA or Zhonya because i build it on every Ap mids. Always build situationally.

Glass Canon: Sorc, DC, Zhonya, Void, Abysal, GA

Regular Build: Merc/Dodge, ROA. Abysal, Zhonya, DC, GA

Full Tank: Merc/Dodge, ROA, Frozen, Banshee, Bulwark, Abysal

Your job in fights is to either zone the carries or Feast on them. It would be best if you were a team that focused on counterintiation comps or protect the ad because of your CC. The standard Flash/Ignite is a good combo because you need to get close. You can also substitute Ignite for Exhaust and Ghost for flash.

I've tried this and it works well. Hope you guys try him out mid as well. (comments on the build would be appreciated) XD