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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    AZACOR and I have been going thinking through how we will possibly make our podcast. We would love input such as what recording software is best, general tips and ideas, and if this is even something players would be interested in listening to. It seems more convenient for players than having to read a 5300 word post (yeah, we did that), and could be a lot more fun. Please give us any helpful tips and ideas you all would have!

    Thank you very much,

    The Life in Low Elo Team

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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    Note: We want to apologize for how late this post is, many things kept us busy and delayed this article, including items intended to improve this endeavor, which will be noted at the end of this post. We have decided to make this a dual weekly post with information from this last week and the one prior.
    These last weeks in League of Legends were busy with hype from all aspects of the game. Patch 5.10 incorporated some interesting changes with its implementatiom, bringing about Ekko, tweaking the latest powerhouses in the jungle, revamping Karma, and slightly buffing a few items. The LCS also kicked off the Summer Split and we'll take a look at the standings. A HUD update hit the PBE as well.

    Highlights of the Weeks

    • Reader Mailbag
    • Patch 5.10
    • HUD…

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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    Hey everyone! Today I wanted to get some feedback and input from any and all of you who have read our blog, "Life in Low Elo". The biggest question I woud like answered is what topics would you like to see discussed, and it can be anything. We'll do the necessary research to answer questions, find upcoming news, or give opinions on whatever topic you want to see expounded upon. Thanks for your time on this, it is very appreciated.

    Maybe the topic you want to see discussed has already been talked about, check out my other posts and/or visit: to find out!

    And if you would rather not comment on this page for all to see your idea, you can email us at

    Thanks again everyone!

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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    Today we released a champion analysis over the 11 free rotation champs this week. AZACOR heads this article and goes into great detail decribing champion strengths, weaknesses, and counter-play.

    "Welcome all, AZACOR here. This is our very first champ rotation Analysis! YAY! Every week I shall post said Analysis Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how the week treats me. Once again these are opinions on things as I see them, take them for what they are worth. LETS DO THIS!

    Bard: The Wandering Caretaker. Can we all stop making the Bard is bad jokes? Bard is not bad, some people who play him are bad. He's part of the League now Meep haters, so you better get used to having him as your support. Do not get me wrong, he's not a powerhouse constant l…

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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    The second weekly post for our blog, "Life in Low Elo" was released today! I hope you guys can find useful information within it.

    • The Reader Mailbag
    • Instant Feedback Player Reform System
    • LCS Player Changes & Fantasy 

    The Reader Mailbag

    We are ringing in the beginning of the Reader Mailbag, where readers who have e-mailed us throughout the week with inquisitive questions, interesting analyses, or hilarious comments will have their questions answered and their opinions discussed. This week we received a great email,

    "Hey there AZACOR and CT7575, 

    My summoner name is AcesRockz, and I'm from the NA server. I saw your post on the LoL Wiki and checked out your blogspot and I think what you're doing is great (a personal view on new and upcoming LoL cont…

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