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  • Cocofang

    Just messing around with a few ideas for a thief champion.

    The whole idea is to make the laning phase as miserable as possible for the enemy. One high CD escape skill at early levels and a safe disengage Ult giving him a way to avoid ganks. The enemy won't want to stick around him for extended brawls because he can set up for a brutal finisher with his W and slide away afterwards. Additionally he can hinder his enemies from getting the items he wants, by stealing their gold and getting ahead himself.

    In teamfights his hopes are to get one full W combo to burst one enemy and help his team disengage with his Ult.

    Throughout the game Maron strives to build up a gold advantage with his passive and E to get the items he needs to survive long enoug…

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  • Cocofang


    April 20, 2013 by Cocofang


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