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    Tiol, Princess of the Void is a champion in League of Legends.



    Tiol lashes her whip forward, if Void Whip entangles an ally champion Tiol is dragged toward the ally champions location. There is a 0.5 second window where Tiol is stood still and can reactivate the ability dragging the ally champion toward Tiol's location instead, this reactivation can also occur at any time during Tiol being dragged toward the ally champion's location.

    |description2 = Tiol lashes her whip forward, if Void Whip entangles an enemy unit it drags the unit half way toward Tiol, dealing magic damage and slowing the unit by 60%, decaying over the duration. If Void Whip goes through Null Gate it increases the magic damage and range by 30% and the unit is f…

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