Simple Introduction

Everybody needs a break from solo queue, right? Okay, my entry line in a while.

Basically, I would like to form a ranked team with the people here that are on EUW, mostly for fun, to practice and/or maybe get to Gold so someone that's Silver or something gets the some bonus awards too. So, is anyone in?


So, besides myself, we need a minimum of 9 members, two for each role. I've taken jungle, since, it's my main role, but I do well in the other lanes except partially mid and support. I suck at those. So, here is the team comp so far:

  • Top laner: Tails365 (Secondary role(s): Jungle)
  • Top laner: Vagabond93
  • Jungler: Mark Thunderbolt (Secondary role(s): Top lane)
  • Jungler:
  • Mid laner: Airclever (Secondary role(s): Marksman/Support)
  • Mid laner: Ozelti (Secondary role(s): Support)
  • Bot laner (Support): C4bal (Secondary role(s): Top lane)
  • Bot laner (Support): RobinCU (Secondary role(s): Jungle)
  • Bot laner (Marksman): vampirelucky (Secondary role(s): Jungle/Mid lane)
  • Bot laner (Marksman):


Feel free to join, and gl hf in your provisionals and real life!