Current situation

Currently, SoloQ in both ranked and even normal games is somewhat hellish, I am interested in IF ranked teams in both 5v5 and 3v3 can be useful to get to the desired division/tier you want to.

A simple invitation

So, I am here, asking you, my fellow contributors, friends and players, if you are interested in forming a 3v3s team? To be honest, no one, not even myself can win a game by ourselves (unless you are TryndamereSquare Tryndamere, I guess), so I am interested in finding people like me that slightly screwed up their solo/duo ranked stats and are willing to get to the Gold tier by teamwork, communication and overpowered synergies.

So, is anyone interested?

Summoner name is Mark Thunderbolt on the EUW server. I mostly play AD Bruisers/Fighters.


This is a relatively short blog, but its purpose is similar to that of a recent blog I have posted. Even if you aren't on EUW, no matter what server you are, you can post your stats and find people you play with and get that Victorious Elise skin.

Farewell, and good luck in both real life and in-game!

Commander Marko has disconnected.