The Harrowing is Upon Us

Greetings, humans. Yes, I haven't posted a blog in a rather very long time, but just like you guys and gals, I have some stuff to do in real life, etc, etc.

Now, the Harrowing is back and this year is much more interesting than the previous year. We have Hexakill for the Twisted Treeline, 2x chance of getting a spooky skin, 2 new Wukong UnderworldCircle legacy [S|L] LeBlanc RavenbornCircle skins [S|L], the return of previous Harrowing skins and some new summoner icons referring to the Shadow Isles and potentially a new champion hailing from that wretched land. Welp, this Harrowing will surely be amazing, right?

But What's This?

But what caught my eye (you know, besides shiny new WukongSquare Wukong skin, the Black Mist and something else) were the Flash Sales. For those of you who don't know, Riot decided that Christmas should come early this year and they've implemented a rapidly updating sale called a Flash Sale on live servers. Every ~6 hours, 4 random skins will get a random % discount, reducing their normal cost by a minimum of -10% to a delicious -50%. Yup, Riot never ceases to amaze me besides (I'm ignoring the Aatrox nerf)

And since I started writing down which skins went and currently are on sale, I've decided to post the list here and try to update it as soon as possible. The list can then be included in the Harrowing 2014 page if an admin approves of the idea, as to which skins were on sale, assuming that it could count as trivial information which is tied to the event. So, here it is.

List of Flash Sales

Disclaimer: The time listed here is actually according to the timeline in my homeland. So far, I am not aware if the system is changing on an equal interval which has the same time, but different when comparing regions or vice versa, so please log in to the client if you aren't quite sure of it.

06:00 pm-12:00 pm - 24.10

12:00 pm-06:00 am - 25.10

06:00am-12:00am - 25.10

12:00pm-06:00pm - 25.10

06:00pm-12:00pm~ - 25.10

06:00am-12:00am - 26.10

12:00am-06:00pm 26.10

06:00pm-12:00pm - 26.10