As a disclaimer: It's 11:15 P.M. when I am writing this and I haven't eaten in a while, so bear with me.

Main Topic

People have been complaining that the new League system is worst, matches you against stronger players, bla bla bla, etc.

Now, it would be interesting if you guys (and gals, if there are any xD) post a comment about your experience within Ranked in S3.

I have read on the forums, heard many reports that the new system in broken. If you get on a winning streak, you will 'automatically' be sent on a losing streak, a.k.a. being matched up with bronze players against gold players. People have said that this really, really screws up their 'maintaining a certain division', trying to steadily climb up to the next division/tier, then all of a sudden enter a losing spree and are dropped to a lower tier.

As an example...

I will use myself (bet you didn't see that coming xD)

In case I do not bore you, my friends, I will make this simple:

Finishing Provisionals: 6/4 -> Placed in Silver IV

Went on a winning streak day after -> up for promotion

Failed to qualify due to lag and computer crashing -> Promotion unsuccessful

Next few matches were lost -> Got demoted to Silver V

Won 3-4 matches -> Back in Silver IV

Long time of playing and mastering certain champions -> Got promoted to Silver III

Currently Hidden MMR screwed me and I am 1-3 losses away from going back to Silver IV.


All in all, a short blog. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Tl;dr League system is very (un)predictable