So, Season 3 is nearing it's end, and we've all seen the rewards you can get. The Victorious Elise skin, a permanent ward skin, a summoner icon and some other shiny stuff. Now, I'm here to discuss if it is possible for all us 'bronzies' and 'silvies' to get to Gold V at least. And, with what better example of a player to use, besides me.

What happens to me in ranked

So, this is how my week playing ranked goes:

I start off Saturday, because it's the weekend. I play around 2-3 matches, and usually win all three of them. Next day, I play again. I may lose just one match, but the others could have been a defeat if my team didn't pull it together. Monday. Still, I am maintaining my winning streak. Didn't lose a ranked match, maybe lost a normal one. Tuesday. All goes well. 4 wins in a row that day. And then on, all hell breaks loose. Every match from then on, ends up in defeat. You may ask why? Well, it could have been that the MMR system matched me up with some bronze players. Or maybe our 'captain' didn't ban Blitz and the enemy team insta-locked Blitz. Or maybe, we had Malzahar, Lee Sin support? Honestly, many reasons cause the losing streak of each player, but I consider that at times I was the blame. Yeah, blame me just because I ult as Jarvan and you jump IN to my arena, dying in he process.

Any ideas to prevent this?

Yeah, this is a pretty short blog overall, but do you, the community have any ideas on how to prevent losing streaks like this? (This has been happening to me since I gotten to Level 30 actually) I know that every good and skilled player has these losing streaks, but is there a way to prevent losing your effort?

Well, that's it for this blog, I guess. Hopefully I can get some feedback from you people.

P.S. I'm currently in Silver IV, kind of messed up my promotion to Silver III the first few days when I began playing ranked.