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Item Discussion: Rebalancing Certain Items


I believe there was a discussion (like, way back) concerning Blade of the Ruined King item.png BoRK being UP when it came to basic stats. A number of summoners complained that the base stats (Life steal, Attack damage and Attack speed) are somewhat weak in comparison to a The Bloodthirster item.png Bloodthirster, which has the same cost. So, I decided to create this blog in order to share some ideas in potentially improving certain items.

Well then, let's get started.

Recurve Bow (might be) getting removed

If Recurve Bow item.png this item gets removed, then a small numbers of items (Sword of the Divine item.png SotD, Wit's End item.png WE, Runaan's Hurricane item.png RH) will have their recipes, costs and potential battle stats changed. Two of these items are rather popular (at least in my games) than Sword of the Divine item.png the other.

My ideal changes

Sword of the Divine item
Gold 2000 (Gold 800)
Dagger item
Gold 400
Dagger item
Gold 400

Wit's End item
Gold 2200 (Gold 1200)
Dagger item
Gold 400
Dagger item
Gold 400

Runaan's Hurricane item
Gold 2600 (Gold 950)
Stinger item
Gold 1250
Dagger item
Gold 400
  • A noteworthy change that I may add (if this isn't already implemented, the speed of the bolts should now match the speed of the user's/champion's basic attacks.

Blade of the Ruined King item.png BotRK has been a rather tricky item from the start. It was designed for top laners to deal against tanks, but it turned out as a flexible item for some ADCs such as Vayne Vayne and Twitch Twitch. Most Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare junglers buy it to have a ridiculous amount of mixed damage, and it has finally found its way into the current meta or whatever you want to call it.

Although the item itself is rather good, and I happen to use it on many champions (ex. Twitch jungle rat, Lucian one of the 3 adcs I actually know, Jax the almighty Jax, Aatrox needs buffs, Kayle I doubt that you expected to find her in this list), I find the combat stats it gives somewhat weak and a bit unnoticeable in the early parts of the game. So, I decided to try changing it by a wee bit.

I have had this idea for ages, and I am unaware if anyone has ever thought about the same, but here is my vision of the Blade of the Ruined King item.png Blade:


Bilgewater Cutlass item
Gold 1400 (Gold 240)
Vampiric Scepter item
Gold 800 (Gold 440)
Dagger item
Gold 400
Dagger item
Gold 400
  • Noticeable changes
    • Life steal completely removed.
    • Unique passive now deals 4% of the target's current health and heals you for 50% of the same amount.
    • Cooldown of active reduced by 15 seconds.


I intended to add my thoughts at what that new spell vamp item for supports might be, but if this blog becomes ever so popular, I may add it in the future.

Again, some of these changes will make these items broken on some champs (I am looking at you, Tryndamere douche). Of course, they are my own ideas. They won't necessarily become reality.

Thank you friend, comrade and future teammate for taking the time to read this blog. Nevertheless, I shall see you next time. Marko, out!