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Ranked Mode for Dominion

What the title says

So, I actually went to play a Dominion match this week. Something I haven't played since the start of summer. My friends called me the Artillery Master, due to my habit of playing Ziggs Ziggs there. A lot. Something that I favor in Dominion is range. With enough range, you can force enemies to give up a capture point and continue towards the path to victory.

That match I mentioned

As you can all guess, I got Ziggs Ziggs that match, because ranked with him is going turmoil. Jungler camps at mid for unknown reason, etc. Can't do anything...

The Dominion match begun simply. I went bot and faced a Rammus Rammus. I grabbed a Blasting Wand, Faerie Charm and Boots of Speed. No room for health pots, didn't need them in the early stages due to my opponents short-range nature. I easily got the first blood and almost seized the capture point. I went on to rush my Lich Bane, top part of the map was pretty passive, except when battling over the control point (which name I have forgotten).

The problem the enemy team had was literally, no range. They had a Vi Vi, Rengar Rengar, maybe just a Sivir Sivir, but nearly no ranged harass. The match ended around 21:25, with me having a somewhat exceptoinal score of 19/4/8. No, not bragging or anything. It is either me being very good with Ziggs Ziggs or the champion is OP in general.

Long awaited Tier List

Since the one on ReignofGaming has been untouched for a year or so, I shall only mention the God Tier and Tier 1 champions of Dominion, due to reason I am still working on the tier list.

God Tier: Ziggs Ziggs, post-rework Xerath Xerath

Tier 1: Master Yi Master Yi, Orianna Orianna, pre-rework Xerath Xerath, Lux Lux, Anivia Anivia, Pantheon Pantheon


Well, do you readers think that there should be a ranked mode for Dominion? My friend jokes that I'll get to Platinum if there is one, I don't think so xD

I am interested to hear your feedback. Marko, out.

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