While I am desperately waiting for the finals to start, something popped in my head: competition.

Now, this may sound stupid, but there are a lot off people on this wiki that are skilled, no matter what their rank or division is. I am not saying we are perfect, but we can be an unstoppable force.

Long wall of text

So, everybody mains a role, right? Take me for example: I main jungle, and I moderately go Top lane or perhaps mid/support. AD.., I mean Marksman, is somewhat my weakpoint, since I only know how to play Lucian or Draven, with a handful of experience as Vayne.

Now, it is noted that every player knows a certain role to near perfection, while they lack skill at a role they don't usually play.

Now, the text above me is not connected that much to the title/topic of the blog, but here is the idea:

Have a 5v5 premade match between ourselves.

I honestly think that this community (by that I mean mostly this place xD) is filled with skilled, experienced and friendly players.

So, what I am asking is...

...if someone wants to organize a 5v5 custom (perhaps add banning and draft pick?) game with people here on the wiki. These games are usually competitive, yet fun.

This blog can be used as a 'chat' box for organizing these types of 'wiki' matches no matter what region you are.

For those who would like to settle the scores on EUW, my summoner name is Mark Thunderbolt. Leave a comment so we may discuss team comps, and what not.


Well, I hope I don't get flamed or banned like poor Athene did. :(

See you soon, guys! And good luck in ranked/real life! ;)