While I was working on a custom champ, I decided to release a little 'teaser' associated with the next champion(s) I am working on. I do hope you speculate and actually guess most of the info, since this lovely (LoL Wiki) community has always surprised me. ;)

Next Champion

  • A 'royal knight' style of appearance;
  • Most likely a fighter;
  • Offers allied champions an aura;
  • Hails from Demacia;

Next Champ slated after above one

  • Cyborg-based appearance and kit;
  • Utilizes the 'Shapeshifting' mechanic;
  • Hails from Piltover;
    • Can be stated he is a rouge/has evil intentions;
  • Will have a rival that will soon be added;
  • Capable of countering Caitlyn;

CommanderMarko Arbiter Sneak Peak

Disclaimer: I am no Da Vinci or Picasso, so do not expect that kind of level of art.


Hope you people like this little 'thing' I have done. I guess I needed to do something in my free time, right? Anyways, see you soon.