The title is pretty obvious, so...

Shurima. A land of sand and sand and... more sand. An ancient Empire that has fallen into ruins, its AzirSquare Emperor has recently returned and buried those who oppose him in sand on the PBE.

Teh Lore

Champions that were already related to Shurima have each received a new lore which further explains their character and ties to the desert wasteland. (No, Riot refreshed our memory of not f***ing around with RammusSquare him).

Although here is the main point. Notice how the lore is written and its length. It is much shorter than the more recent lore we got (ex. include YasuoSquare Yasuo, Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz, BraumSquare Braum and GnarSquare Gnar), but it does have enough information or data about X champion. Additionally, this lore makes us wonder what other secrets does X hide which frankly reminds me of AatroxSquare Aatrox's lore.


Now I want to hear your thoughts about this new 'type' of lore. Do you peeps think that Riot will change each champion's lore to be like this? (I doubt this) What are your personal thoughts about the new lore?

Bonus Challenge!

Seeing that this type of lore is somewhat short and that at least 99.99999% of the LoL wiki community know English to an extent where they can write stories, I propose a minor challenge!

Pick a champion and 'rewrite' their lore in a similar way/vain to that of the Shuriman champions. I will look forward to reading all of them! ^^

P.S. I reserved a SyndraSquare very booti... I mean beautiful lady so you can't 'rewrite' her lore. Everyone else is free! Heck, you can also do one of a custom champion (that is on the wiki, since nobody likes TL;DR version lore of Helmet Bro).

Until next time, Marko out!