This may be a shorter blog than those that I usually write, but the main topic of the blog is why duo queue might increase your win rate in ranked.


The most known advantage of queuing up with a friend is that you will have a better communication to the team, not having to type in chat to send a message, etc. That is, if your friend is right next to you.

This is the list of, if not all of the other advantages you get:

  • 1 less retarded teammate;
  • can help each other get fed, 'carrying' the game;
  • ideal for duo lanes;
  • ideal for solo lane/jungle;
  • can be put up against weaker enemies, depending on the tier. division of said friend;
  • champion synergy may work at its fullest;
  • much more 'communicative' map presence;
  • can help each other in switching champs.

Ex. Me and a friend of mine who plays ARAMs, and only ARAMs for fun, decided to play ranked. Now, he isn't the best player in the world, due to his tendacy to spam skills, resulting in no mana, recalling, hardly ever wards, sucks at support, greedy for kills, etc. But, I said" Play Lee Sin, I told you how to play him!. So, we did. First match obviously I got 'cheated' out of my main role, being the jungler, so I decided to go Lucian bot lane with a Blitzcrank support. Said friend of mine went top, and all of our lanes got easily fed. We won the match, with me having a hefty score 16/6/4 (ofc, with the help of that amazing Blitz we had) and my friend scored 7/6/10. Not too shabby. Next match I got myself Jarvan, who is my main, actually. He went Lee Sin top again, and we wrecked the enemy team. This is basically the power of champion synergy, Bruce Lee+Chuck Norris combo is insanely overpowered! I ended up with 10/1/15, he played as an offtank and he managed to get a score of 9/5/9. (You may notice who is the more experienced player, huh?). So, we had a couple of high fives, left and came back again, only to lose a match against a slightly overfed Rengar. Seems the hidden MMR system kicked in here, so it is normal that we lost. Still, we had some fun.


However, there are some disadvantage to duo queue:

  • one of you will most likely be last pick;
  • hidden MMR might ruin your situation.


There may be more, since I have been playing the game for over a year now, maybe other veterans may find other stats.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I'll go in a ranked match with him once more, and I'll see what happens, should I gather more information about these pros and cons. Wish me, and my friend luck! See ya later.