What's up, summoners? Well, this is a blog I will continually update about some of my upcoming custom champions, changes and any leaked info I may find. I will update this about once (maybe twice) a week. So, let's see here:

New Custom Champions

Maerd, The Fearmonger (Basically a ranged mage with a whole set of surprises)

Dem, The War Machine (A manaless melee fighter)

Mark Thunderbolt, The Lightning Overlord (Just me as a champion in LoL)

Shrike, The Acid Elemental (Either a Tank or Fighter)

Upcoming Concept for Custom Champions

Slender, Shadow of the Woods

-Classic Skin splash art coming soon!

-Ability Icons coming soon!

-Background and lore coming soon!

Bosh, The Field Medic

-Ability Icons coming soon!