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Who's the prettiest of them all?


Originally, this was gonna be a blog concerning your thoughts about the VUs we've gotten since the start of Season 3, but since I am a bit tired (kind of late here), I thought I'd make this blog a bit shorter and simpler.

Le Question

I usually like hearing other peoples' thoughts, feedback, etc. I've always been like that. So, I'm going to ask you peeps a very simple question:

Who do YOU think is the most attractive female in League?

I want to see what the community thinks. As for me, this title would either go to Caitlyn Cait or Syndra Syndra, since I find both of them to be 'ravishing beauties'. (Cait's new splash -> OP)

Honorable mentions in my book include: Shyvana Ironscale Shyv, Nami Nami and ofc, Leona Pool Party Leona.


Short blog? Yes. Well, I've waited a long time to ask this question. Now, I leave it to you, my fellow users, to debate on this matter.

Get Lag, Have Feeders Cya later!


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