So, yeah

This is a follow to this, just giving a heads up to all of you guys.


Since the blog was 'fairly successful', and my buddy DocTanner created a blog concerning a wiki tournament on the NA servers, here I am making a similar blog for those of you who live in the EU(W) regions. So, without further ado, I present to you the players that are going to settle the scores/wage war/kill each other on the Fields of Justice:


Wiki UserSummoner NameTeamTiming
Bobchen (talk)Bobchen
Caporai (talk)WickedKing
Commander Marko (talk)Mark Thunderbolt
CosmoDPG (talk)Cosmo187
C4bal (talk)C4bal
Deathincarnate47 (talk)Deathincarnate47
DreaMPaniC (talk)dreamere
Eierkopf3000 (talk)Eirkopf3000
Emptylord (talk)3mptylord
Frodo500 (talk)Frodo500
HastaLaFiesta (talk)HastaLaFiesta
Just loves to play (talk)Supremeyoda
Luckyvampire (talk)vampirelucky
Lykrast (talk)Lykrast
MaqiiCz (talk)YMaquiiCzY
RobinCU (talk)RobinCU
Saint7777 (talk)PyroGabe77
Shaw Fujikawa (talk)Shaw Fujikawa
SST Ranger (talk)SSrangerS
ThugLonghi (talk)Thug Longie
Tridan V2 (talk)Tridan111
Tyfer409 (talk)Lumpy Space King
Umbralis (talk)Umbralis
Xtariqx (talk)Thunder Spark
YourPrivateNightmare (talk)Xenosaurus

EDIT: Added myself in to have a clear number of the players at all times.


I believe the matches may occur during the weekends, since I believe most of the competitors will be available at that time. List the time when you are available in the comments below if you are entering.


The retrospective summoners will be put in which team based on their 'Elo', so the odds are even (or put it his way, the match will have a much lesser chance of being a stomp for one of the teams)

Currently I am planning on having a minimum of 8 teams, and if this event gets popular enough, up to a whopping 16 teams (that's around 80 people!), but I doubt that a bit.

Overall Experience/How it will go

So, the match starts and we all get the 'LCS feeling' in our heads. We may get to see plays that usually pop up in Worlds, etc.

After the match has ended, both teams may discuss topics such as builds, ganking patterns, spreading tips and much more for a good 5 minutes or so.

The teams are allowed to practice before the tournament and in between matches. However, to make this a twist, it could only be done in Draft Mode (make it seem a bit more, realistic or competitive).

Custom 5v5 matches are allowed between the teams during the 'warm-up phase', at any given time before the tournament starts.


So, feel free to enter. I am hoping this blog also makes the 'Featured Blog Post' on the main page along side DocTaneer's Wiki NA Tournament.

See you soon, and good luck to all of you!