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Will matchmaking ever find true balance?

No sh*t, Sherlock (pardon for my unmannerly approach, but I have been waiting to do that for a while). And yeah, title is a reference to one of Akali Akali's quotes.

How the system works

If you are in Bronze/lower ranks of Silver, than I feel you. I fell to Silver IV due to some idiotic plays in the teams I had, failing to counterplay, etc. I have myself to blame one match due to the provider in the cafe I play.

We can assume that you get 1 very unskilled, pitiful (ok, now I am being harsh) player per match. It is true, however, that this happens on both teams (I have seen my Marksman feeding 1/5/1 while their jungler had 0/6/0 thanks to yours truly and the way he ruins people's lives :D )

But, no matter what you do, nowadays it is hard to advance to Gold if you are stuck Silver. Maybe it's the fact that all kinds of toxic players out there are thinking that they are good and they'll get to Gold by playing hard, etc. And what to they do? They lose the game for another 4 people.


Maybe, just maybe the system is like this because it is the end of the season, and all kinds of people are trying to get that Elise Elise skin and what not. I hope so.

I was warned of playing during the 'end-season'. Many commentators and streamers such as Pawnce, Stonewall008, Phantoml0rd, etc. say that the last two weeks of this season are literally hell.

As for me

I might actually try to fight this, and try to get back to Silver III so at least I am a bit closer to Gold ONCE the season ends. I'll be happy with that, actually. I'm just gonna pick jungle (Jarvan IV Michael Jarvan, Vi Fat Hands, Aatrox Everything that kills me makes me feel alive and Nasus Doggy. And as a secondary role Top lane (same champs from above with the exception of Vi Fat Hands being replaced by Garen Bushman).

Just sharing my most picked choices for no absolute reason. :P


tl;dr: Silver/Bronze is oom, try to advance at your discretion.

Wish me luck.

Marko, out.

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