• Conqerer2


    February 23, 2012 by Conqerer2

    Well, hi. This is going to be a (hopefully) continuing series on me, as a noob, figuring out LoL. I'll stick my stats for the day up on here after every day, as well as the builds I use, and the strategies/playstyles I went with. I'll usually only be able to fit in one or two games a day, so dont expect too much. Hopefully you'll be able to criticize me enough to where I can improve. If anyone wants me to stick up recordings, I will if you tell me how.

    You're probably wondering exactly how much experience I have with LoL. So this is for reference. At this moment I:

    • Am level 11, about three quarters of the way to twelve.
    • have three champions unlocked.
      • Heimerdinger
      • Teemo
      • Cho'gath
      • Heimerdinger is my main, but I'm trying to shift to cho, he has a mu…

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