Constantly Confuddled Sth

aka C.C. Seth

  • I live in a hole beneath a rock
  • My occupation is a cubicle creature
  • I am a gentleman.
  • Constantly Confuddled Sth

    Nobody kept an eye on the clock, and they were on us before we were prepared. We had won the initial engagement, sure, but the opposing team's revival was swifter than we had anticipated. We stood ignorant in the ruins of their central base turret, wailing on the inhibitor while they plotted our downfall. The Mage Chains came from further than any of us could see, followed by three swift bursts of arcane energy, we knew that their was no way to recover, we simply had to escape. Lux and Gangplank made their escape easily enough, and Taric was shortly behind them, after he assisted Caitlyn with recovering from the initial burst. I urged Singed, my summoned champion, to make a swifty retreat as well, since he had lingered a moment alongside t…

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