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    Hey community!

    I was interested what odd builds (out of meta, but viable and not troll) do you like playing or think might work out very well. Also state the pros and cons of the builds mentioned.

    I don't really do these builds but I have concepts that I don't want to test out in Solo Queue(since my account got stolen and I can't retrieve it right now or until my cousin gets back since he created the account and playing troll builds on a smurf would not show a possible outcome)

    Tanky Vayne with Attack Speed:

    The concept is since Vayne has in-built damage steroids and true damage, she could be built tanky so she'd be harder to kill while still dealing high damage cause of W and ultimate.


    Vayne is no longer as squishy as she is with glass ca…

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  • Contractas1

    First of all, thank you for reading my blog.

    The role of a carry is an interesting one. Your champion starts out quite weak, not able to do much and as the game goes on you get stronger and stronger  the more items you get the more your team depends on you till it comes to late game and you're the main damage source of the team. I like to categorize carries into 2 categories: Passive and Aggressive. The passive category consists of those who play more of a farmfest such as Kog'Maw and Ashe while the aggressive ones have carries like Vayne and Draven. Ashe is one of the lesser played carries nowadays, she's not underpowered in any way, but people just seem to prefer other carries like Vayne or Caitlyn.

    First of all, let's look at Ashe's skill…

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  • Contractas1

    Lane Bullies

    November 17, 2013 by Contractas1

    Hey there!

    I want to get your opinions on lane bullies.

    Lane bullies are champions who continuosly harass/zone enemies in lane so they can't get good gold gain, experience gain, therefore leaving them underlevelled. There's a bad thing about bullying: You can fail at it very hardly and end up being on the worse side. Now for the lane bullies the champions I consider to be Lane bullies are:

    Caitlyn's got a perfect set for bullying, with her long range, Headshot passives, long range Peacemakers and area denial traps she can easily bully an enemy botlaner. However if she doesn't bully, their ADC gets farmed up along with you and they tend to outmatch Caitlyn.

    Her constant spammable abilities do a lot of damage when hit, Miasma provides great area…

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  • Contractas1

    Zilean Rework Ideas

    November 8, 2013 by Contractas1

    Hey guys,

    Zilean is one of the least played champions in the game. He has no certain role that he's very good at Iike Nidalee but unlike her he isn't good at any role it seems.

    As a support Zilean feels lackluster even with the massive bomb poke your speed boost/slow and a possibly game-changing ultimate isn 't what a support needs. I am not contradicting with myself. While the ultimate is a very strong ultimate for a support type of hero it needs AP to heal a good portion of your HP, without it Zilean's ultimate will act like a GA which is still good but not as good as a full revive. The speed boost is massive the slow is very strong too but it's not going to change the game too much. When you take other support heroes they provide more uti…

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  • Contractas1

    Hello, Wikians!

    Today I want to discuss one of my favorite champions - Nidalee. Now the interesting about Nidalee is she brings a lot to the table - a heal, a strong poke, a trap, a morph into cougar form, an attack that does more damage if you're low, a small jump, a cone of damage. Now how much sense does this setup make? I want to discuss one of the biggest problems/benefits for Nidalee: She offers way too much for her to be able to perform one role. In other words she cannot perfom any role very succesfully unlike other champions who are made for that role: Support Soraka, ADC Vayne, Tank Amumu, Jungler Warwick, APC Annie.

    When we look at her abilities she has Javelin Toss which is a very strong single target nuke, what it provides: a ch…

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