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    Skin Ideas

    October 13, 2013 by Cookiegolem

    Hello everyone!

    Just some skin themes I came up with-

    Football Theme- Since it will be hard to make a skin for every football theme there is, just the superbowl teams. Limited edition/Legacy Skins?

    Greek/Roman Gods- Some of the Gods that have similar powers/abilities to champpions could be connected. Ex: Pantheon, Ares. Heimerdinger/Rumble, Hephaestus.  Ashe, Artemis. Etc.

    I think that Riot should come up with Legendary Skins for some of the less played champions to bring them back to popularity. Cho'Gath already has two. 

    4th of July- I know we have Uncle Ryze already, but I think that Riot can expand on this theme. Maybe for other countries too. Then, you could support a nationality.

    I think that of all the ideas I have, this is the most impor…

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  • Cookiegolem

    Geemo, The Traveling Nomad is a champion in League of Legends. +Unfinished+ My first custom champion. Helpful Criticism Accepted Gladly.

    Let the other side take control of Geemo's abilities. Some passives changed, Good Buff/ Void Buff is added/removed. If "Take Control" has not been activated, all other passives including Good or Void or negated. When you use Take Control, your next 3 auto-attacks will have a special effect, depending on the side. When you are on Void Side-Tainting for next 5 seconds. When you are on good side-Life Steal for next 3 seconds.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 10 |costtype = mana |range = 0 }}

    The passive depends on "Take Control"

    Void-Damages and Slows down Enemy Champions if they are in the area Good-He…

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