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    Well I wanted to make a high burst AP/support-y carry, though with a different resource system or something...

    So I came up with this guy :3, though metinks she needs some balancing.

    Kijune the Starlight’s Dancer

    P – Eye of the Cosmos

    Every 4 seconds, Kijune generates one Cosmic Orb (max 20), Kijune gains 1/2/3 extra Movement Speed per Cosmic Orb she has stored (upgrades at levels 1/6/13). When Kijune slays an enemy champion, she gains 3 Cosmic Orbs.

    Q – Negative Polaris

    Kijune sends out up to 5 Cosmic Orbs to an area, dealing 60/105/165/205/245 + (0.4 x AP)(20 x Cosmic Orbs used) and slowing all enemy units struck by the Orbs by 35% for 3 seconds.

    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/7 seconds

    Cost: 5 Cosmic Orbs or less

    W – Stellar Detonation

    Kijune sends out up …

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