• Craftyfirestorm77

    Hey guys frist blog post, so do bare with me.

    I am sick as hell of playing Fizz mid in solo queue with some combination of Teleport, Exhuast, or Heal and about 50% of the time someone will yell at me for not taking Flash and/or Ignite.

    Here's the thing, Flash and Ignite are far worse on Fizz than they are on standard APCs, ADCs, and Assassins. First of all, Playful / Trickster is a far better flash than flash itself, longer range, and at top level, with a bit of CDR it has about a 6 second cooldown. Yes I'll admit using both Flash and Playful / Trickster does slightly better, but very rare is the situation where Playful / Trickster cannot save you / get you a kill but the extra Flash can. 80%+ of the time you will be wasting your Flash. As f…

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