• Crashfan1997

    Hey hey hey who are you all beautiful people of the LoL wikia :D

    Crashfan here iwth a new idea, how about 3 extra minions in the game? 3 minions who will do diferent things than just let the champions farm? well there are 3 minions ideas!

    Sorceress Minion will be the support of the minions (i know this is ridiculous but meh)

    How about a small minion who appears after the 10 minutes of game? the sorceress minion will heal by a small amouth the neares champions he finds, i mean there are 3 champions and the minion will heal 1 of the 3 randomly of course, this minion wouldn't attack the enemy champions but they will stay behind the minions waves.

    The archer minion will be the carry of the minions waves, he will appear right in the start of the ga…

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  • Crashfan1997

    Today i want to make a different thing, a custom rework for one of the most old champions of all, no i'm not talking about zilean, i mean alistar, alistar it's a tank, support and one of the most annoying on the league, but, the glory of this champ has come to his end, rarely i see someone using this champion, of course with this high amount of supports and tanks, alistar has become a bit old, but thats my point of view of course since i play in LAN server, i like alistar he was my second tank champion for play, the first one being maokai, so i decided to give you a custom rework for make you remember this amazing champion of the league.

    For now i don't want to create custom champions because my idead and imagination are diying (lol no) but…

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  • Crashfan1997

    Here i show you my older custom champ i find him on my pc files so i decided to post him, i tried to change somethings but i can say atleast i try, also in the case of batsheba the swamp witch i'm still workin on her but here are some sneak peeks!

    Batsheba will be soon here so here are some small things you have to know about her.

    • She's an elder woman, so yeah she will be the first elder woman in all the league of sexy chicks (?
    • She will be from the Shadow Isles, is a witch so yeah i was thinkin in other places but i don't know where.

    thats all for now!

    Well let's begin with this champion, his name is Choco'La the chocolate wizard, he ill be a yordle!!!! yaay yordles! x3 ok let's get this starting!

    Attributes: Mage, Range

    Each times Choco'la kill…

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  • Crashfan1997

    Here i show you my latest champion idea, this i time i balanced as well before post it, at least thats what i wait, i have to know the opinion of everyone first, also ill mention some changes to my latest 3 champions, polar, kouji and gren.

    I will make some changes and i want to tell you.

    Polar icicle golem and ice titan hand will be totally deleted and replaced with another skills, actually still working on the ultimates, also icicle spear will be boosted and the icicle path will be nerfed and the passive will be boosted too and finally ill add him his lore and his quotes.

    Kouji it's one of my fav champions i made, but my cousin said he is not very balanced, also his passive and ult are weird so they will be changed, the other skills will be…

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  • Crashfan1997

    Gren, The Shadow Walker

    September 8, 2013 by Crashfan1997

    Welcome to my third custom champion, today called, Gren, this time i decided to try new things so here i show you a different type of champion.

    Enjoy and comment!

    The shadow Walker.

    Attributes: Mage, Ranged

    Gren basic attacks applies a fear mark, the fear mark stacks up to 6 times and have a durability of 3.5 seconds, after 6 marks the enemy champion will be marked with nightmares, if gren casts a spell on the enemy champion with nightmare mark, the enemy champion will be scared and feared for 2.5 seconds.

    • Only works on enemy champions, it can be blocked by morgana black shield and olaf ragnarok.
    • Attack speed items like Nashor Tooth and Wit ends coul help gren to maximize the mark apply.

    Gren fires a shadow sphere to a designed champion, dealing …

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