Welcome summoners and welcome to Crashfan abyss!

Hey hey hey who are you all beautiful people of the LoL wikia :D

Crashfan here iwth a new idea, how about 3 extra minions in the game? 3 minions who will do diferent things than just let the champions farm? well there are 3 minions ideas!

Minion 1: Sorceress Minion

Sorceress Minion will be the support of the minions (i know this is ridiculous but meh)

How about a small minion who appears after the 10 minutes of game? the sorceress minion will heal by a small amouth the neares champions he finds, i mean there are 3 champions and the minion will heal 1 of the 3 randomly of course, this minion wouldn't attack the enemy champions but they will stay behind the minions waves.

Minion 2: Archer minion

The archer minion will be the carry of the minions waves, he will appear right in the start of the game replacing 1 of the 3 wizard minions.

He will have increased attack speed and will deal a bit more damage than the other minions, except tank minion and super minion.

Minion 3: Mage minion

The mage minion will deal ap damage to the enemies by summoning a lightning AoE to a deisgned champion every 30 seconds.

He will appear after the base turrets are down, his job is of kill the minion waves more fastly than his allied minions.


There are just 3 ideas and i made this hsort because i'm sick and all my body hurts -.- so i accept ideas n_n