Greetings Summoners!

Today here i come another cahmp who breaks the metagame and is viable in a few ways.

ADC annie!

i played a normal game in PvP and i asked being ADC so i picked annie and insta-lock in (not very nice but meh)

my support was a heimerdinger and we both walked to bot, then our opponents was a vayne and a nami.

Annie adc is viable on this few ways....

  • Her basic attack range is of 625 who is 25 less than caitlyn, so annie can poke with her basic attacks too.
  • Her Molten Shield can help her with a fight against the enemy carry and she can receive less damange.
  • She can last hit with her Disintegrate spell without spend mana.
  • Her stun helps her to beat the enemy carry quickly or stop a incoming gank with Summon Tibbers.

Thats just a few ways of her roll as ADC, but nothing who shines is gold, she also has some problems and here they are....

  • Annie no gains attack speed per level as other champs or carries so her attack speed is critically low, i build her The Blade Of The Ruined King, Statik Shiv and Runaans Hurricane and she just has 1.45 if i remember.
  • Annie no gains attack damage per level so her attack damage even with items, materies or runes is low, i build her Last Whisper, Infinity Edge and The Blade Of The Ruined King she has 258 AD.
  • Her spells are of AP so she no deals much damage with her spells, but her stunn is still helping and her Disintegrate for last hitting.

Thats all, annie ADC is viable in a few ways, other thing is annie ADC is a bit low in early game but in mid game and late game is starting to deal damage.