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    Rant blog. You were warned.


    Make her stun available only for a period of time; the "I'm walking with a targeted dmg stun, be careful!" is just a pain in the arse. 7 seconds maybe? 7 because with enough CDR (
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    Oh hai!

    Let's first talk about building on ARAMS.

    I've seen many people rushing Nashor's. So many of them... but why? Teemo is too squishy to go into AA range- which is meh to say the least. And just stop with those , for real. Since when does Teemo get oom on Aram map? The only thing I buy for mana regen early is one I repeat ONE , and THAT'S IT. You poke melees with and once in a blue moon use . So no Dorans pl0x.

    Now now- I know, if there is no ADC on your team somebody has to poke with AA. But still, Teemo sucks as an Autoattacker, so stay with something that will do the trick and won't put you in danger.

    Start with ......



    And buy the blue pot for that juicy CDR! Spam teh shroomz. Your job will be defending your towe…

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    Odhran is a custom champion I had in my mind for a long time (that is why the old mantra mechanics). I do not know whether the numbers are good, and I can already sense simultaneously UP/OP skills (the hp regen buff, the whip). But hey, it's custom and it won't be in the game!

    A light/bright colour themed knight with a sword and a 'tower' shield (rectangular). Found a good example, made by Young Kim. Just drop the axe. Link to his blog..sth idk

    Uses a NEW form od CC

    CURSE: Units that are cursed will fail to heal themselves (abilities, summoner spells, Spell vamp, Life steal, items- ALL that will not give health), do not regenerate health, stop regenerating mana, mantra, energy, and do not generate fury. Any healing effects, of which the sour…

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    |health = 10 |attack = 10 |spells = 95 |difficulty = 90 |hp = 350 (+75) |mana = 210 (+55) |damage = 45 (+2.5) |attackspeed = 0.690 (+3.00%) |range = 125 |armor = 9 (+3.5) |magicresist = 30 (+0.75) |healthregen = 4.8 (+0.6) |manaregen = 7.0 (+0.5) |speed = 330 |IP = 6300 |RP = 975 }}

    I decided to change my champion a little after deeply analysing her damage, usability and kit.

    She gave me hard times- I wanted to put some mechanics that are yet unseen in LoL; like the "3-in-1" skills, or an innate which acts differently if you let your ult proc on it... I will try to make all this seem less complicated, and balance it as much as I can to keep the old "feel" to her.

    When …

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    Charles briefly disarms taret enemy and positions himself behind the champion. The enemy is unable to move, while Charles may drag the target with him. The effect ends when the enemy champion uses an ability. The enemy, however, can cast it only in front of him, and he cannot choose to dash, blink, or teleport. Additionally, the enemy takes a part of damage done to Charles during the effect.

    |leveling =

    |Range: 150 |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana

    • Range: 150

    }} Chares silences target enemy for few seconds. After the first second, the enemy takes damage each half a second equal to a percentage of his maximum health. The debuff can be instantly ended by getting away from Charles and touching an allied champion. |leveling =

    |cooldown=30 |Magic Dama…

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