Rant blog. You were warned.


Make her stun available only for a period of time; the "I'm walking with a targeted dmg stun, be careful!" is just a pain in the arse. 7 seconds maybe? 7 because with enough CDR ( <40%) she can maintain the buff with her Molten shield. And before teamfight she has to maintain her mana a bit more carefully.


Bring the pre-rework Karma back. Now when Melee adc is actually viable, the old Karma would be awesome; maybe bot lanes would then be a better place for a melee-adc and a support duo.

+ they made one fun thing about her a bit worse: her abilities used to have a good mechanic: Q= offense, RQ= offense +support /  'E= support, RE = support +offense / W= utility, 'RW = better utility. CHOICES!



a one that would actually greatly benefit if you mixed both ap and ad. Kayle used to do that, but now she is either burst ap, or attspd ad/on-hit.


reduce the scheduled champs' prices even if the new champ is not yet released. Srsly, Fizz was supposed to have his ip cost reduced in.. November? Rito pls...


make his Q bombs grant assist when the target dies before the bomb blows up. 


why they are making most of the skills skillshots? I feel it's just to boost their difficulty meter :/. Also looking at Kog'maw's new Q. Soon we will be in the world where Annie's Q will be a skillshot, And Taric receives yet another remake with a skillshot stun -.-. The Remade-Sion is probably on that page as well.

... yes yes, I know "you need an opportunity to counter the enemy- you should have a chance to outwit somebody, rather than just accept the inevitability. But is that soo op that some of the champions have better zoning than others? So all of them should be skillshot reliant to make them "high risk high reward"? what if I don't like the "high risk high reward' approach? I should play Nasus then? But wait, maybe in S5 his Wither will be a skillshot-wind-gust :D

A poem at the end.

The Jungler

He doesn't feed, he doesn't fail,
He doesn't flee or die.
All he does from dusk till dawn
Is making bot lane cry.

Whomever can guess what is the origin of this poem gets an e-cookie :3 Feel free to comment, rage, ask, curse, cry, etc.