I am wondering if it is only me, or do these things below need fixing. They are gameplay-wise (or just aesthetically) not so well executed, and are bugging me. Feel free to add more. I wonder if getting this on forums would make it fixed.

  • You do NOT see your allies' Tear of goddess charges ( they are shown as 0/750. ALWAYS). I mean- on enemy champs it is fine, but I want to know whether my Nida mid is really good @ stacking that tear, or if she just bought it for the kicks and has 146 stacks by 40 minutes.
  • Vayne and her Tumble on-hit sfx; If you AA enemy turret right after Tumbling, the sfx reserved for Tumbled shot plays (until the tumble buff expires, or you hit something that actually procs that dmg). Not that problemtic, but should be consistent. If sth does not proc the tumble dmg, then it shouldn't play its sfx.
  • This one may be caused by lags or sth else, idk tbh. Sometimes, when you are trying to check the league to which sb belongs, you are shown your own league. This does not change even if you switch between 5v5 /// solo/duo //// 3 vs 3. Annoying if anything else.
  • Sona is still able to get her Passive on wards and other stuff.
  • J4's standard is a bit derpy at times.  You are able to throw standard further than You can Q to it. If you throw standard on an impassable terrain, so it 'slides' towards nearest valid terrain, you will probably NOT be able to hook it with your lance instantly after (from that position). It happens mostly @ baron, drake, but I had it sometimes happen on plain ground. You throw the standard, immediatelly follow with Q, and .. no dash, no knockups T_T. So -

Now the OTHER thing about it is its hitbox. Sometimes I aim carefully NOT to hook it, so I wont be in a bad position, but O-OH : suddenly I am going towards the standard, getting fragged instantly. Aiming 1 cm away from standard is not enough.

So long story short: J4's Standard has a VERY frustrating hitbox on the sides (too wide), and sometimes you might throw it too far away to catch it with Q.

And why does his E+Q combo gets him out of Roots? I am not complaining, because I jungle with him constantly, just asking if it is right. I don't think Ahri can Ult out from Ryze's snare.