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What else if not new champs?

Well, I guess more and more of us every month would like to see something different than a new champion who needs tweaks and buffs/nerfs for next 3 weeks. What else can be done to draw more attention to LoL? Without those new champs, there would be little to no things which would keep veterans double-clicking on that huge blue/gold "L" icon on desktop. But it's getting crowded here -> some new champs are forgotten for few months, then a big overhaul may happen, so that they might have a chance to become Core champions. That's what will probably happen to Karma, has anyone seen Sejuani lately, where is Fizz or Draven? Lulu bot? why U no Janna?

ofc I might be wrong - playing 1300 elo games and barely any rankeds is by no doubt clouding my eyes, but that is what I see at the moment . But that's not the main reason for this post.

The thing is, what other things might spice up the LoL experience?

  • randomly generatet map modifiers. Every time Baron Nashor deaths number is a multiple of 300, the next game will have 2 entrances to him. If it's Caturday, more brush for Nidalee on the map. Noxian won a battle? an announcement board in front of the dragon with Darius face on it.
  • Global events, like Demacia kicking everyone's asses: Lux get's increased movement speed by 10, Garen has +3 armour for the week.
  • new maps, or more modified versions of the old ones - available for 1 week for "testing"- PBE first. If noone likes them, no worries. They won't haunt you.
  • Mob rush! 2 player coop game vs infinite ammount of caster minions. Weapons laying on the map as minion drops. "Lux took mah Bloodthirster!! QQ"

Drop some other ideas, comments, and mostly - I am interested if it is only a minority who wishes to see less champion work, and more overal improvements.

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