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  • CrockamhillDrive
    I love Xin Zhao. I truly do. He's a very easy champion to learn, his snowball potential is great, and his lore is pretty cool. He's been my main for quite a while now, but if I was being objective, he's too mechanically simple. You just select a target, press EWQ, and press them again as their cooldowns reach 0. Press R if your target's teammates are trying to save him/her and you don't like that. Don't get me wrong, he's hard to mess up and is a joy to work with if you truly know what you're doing with him, but sometimes doing the same combo over and over again in a game gets a bit tedious.
    Xin Zhao's skills simply don't require much interactivity from the user beyond pressing the QWER buttons and waiting for the effects. Two of his skills …
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