• I live in the netherlands
  • I was born on August 13
  • I am male
  • D-range

    first off, i play on the EUW servers, so i can't post it myself. and i want it at the NA forums so riot can see it faster.

    i have a big problem with the new patch: 3.11. with that patch, afk detection had a big change, the detection was lowered to 3 min and kick lowered to 5. now i am one of those people who has a slow laptop in my case, (currently looking for a new one, but i don't have enough money yet). it takes me on avarage 4-5 min to load.

    i wanted to play a game with a friend of mine, he is pretty new to the game, so i am teaching him about the game. so we started a custom match, 2v2. he tried out lucian, as he likes adc. i wanted to try out ziggs with the new skin. but while loading, when we were both at 100%, my client shut itself d…

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  • D-range

    hi guys, i want to tell you guys why you should not flame.

    earlier today, i played a match, syndra v ahri. and this begins in champ select. the sup and i decided i we picked for eachother and then traded, as i was third pick and he was last. so i get leona for them. then the opposing team locked in ahri. i asked for heimer as out of experience, he can be quite effective against ahri. then, after a short discussion with my team, on what champs are good too, i asked for fizz, tough he didn't have him. so he locked in syndra. i told them i can't play with her, and i would try my best then.

    the game started pretty good for our team. our jungler j4 got a kill on their voli supp. first blood. then our adc got a kill and j4 got a kill at bot. so th…

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  • D-range

    lol servers

    April 5, 2013 by D-range

    does anyone else have this problem too with the servers? i just stood like 1 whole our in the queue (obv. doing other stuff on the internet and not staring at the screen) and when i'm finally logged in, i start a match, and after the 90 sec in the champ. selection, we don't start, and soon, i lost connection, although it didn't tell me, i just didn't get any response in the chat or could change my skin etc. and now, when i want to log in, they tell me the servers are busy.

    am i the only one or are there others with this problem too?

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