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need someone to post a problem at the NA forums

D-range September 11, 2013 User blog:D-range

first off, i play on the EUW servers, so i can't post it myself. and i want it at the NA forums so riot can see it faster.

i have a big problem with the new patch: 3.11. with that patch, afk detection had a big change, the detection was lowered to 3 min and kick lowered to 5. now i am one of those people who has a slow laptop in my case, (currently looking for a new one, but i don't have enough money yet). it takes me on avarage 4-5 min to load.

i wanted to play a game with a friend of mine, he is pretty new to the game, so i am teaching him about the game. so we started a custom match, 2v2. he tried out lucian, as he likes adc. i wanted to try out ziggs with the new skin. but while loading, when we were both at 100%, my client shut itself down. so i had to reconnect while my friend kept playing. i reconnected, and after a good 4-5 min, i got back in the game, only to be kicked out immeadiatly for not playing for 5 min. my client does something like this every now and then (every 1 out of 200+ games it happens to me). i tried to reconnect again, but then my game crashed and i had to reconnect again.

i couldn't play with my friend who was pretty new and the systems thinks that i was afk the whole time while i was trying to reconnect. now i know this isn't that bad, as it's just a custom, but think about what would've happened if i decided to go ranked. i got dc'd at the start, needing to reconnect. meaning my team plays for the first few minutes without me, previously, this wasn't that bad, as i came back a while later and had to stay passive, but i still was there. as with the changes to the afk detection by riot, i would've been kickedd while i tried to reconnect and actually be FORCED BY RIOT to not play in that game because of those changes.

i would like it if someone who has a NA account could place this at the NA forums, so riot can look into it and hopefully fixe it.

some info about our game:

my ign is maestroke (30)

my friend's is thronehenge (15, mostly of customs)

so could some one post it? if anymore info is needed, i am willing to share it.

it would also be nice if someone knows a solution i can do myself to fix it, (without getting a new computer or anything, as that is currently not possible)

thanks in advance

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