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    September 3, 2012 by D0ndy

    Replace Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes with Mercury's Treads and Void Staff later, if more than 2 enemies have well over 103 or 84 MR


    Mastery: 9/0/21; Ignite,Flash
    M;Q;S;G: 9x MPen; 3x MSpd or Gp10; 9x HP/Lv; 9x MR

    +Boots of Speed, 4x Health Potion
    +Sapphire Crystal
    +Sapphire Crystal
    ~Tear of the Goddess
    ~Sorcerer's Shoes
    ~Catalyst the Protector
    +Ruby Crystal
    ~Haunting Guise
    ~Rod of Ages
    +Sapphire Crystal
    ~Frozen Heart
    +Will of the Ancients


    Mastery: 21/9/0; Ignite,Flash
    M;Q;S;G: 9x AD/Lv; 3x AP; 9x Arm; 9x AP/Lv

    +Boots of Speed, 3x Health Potion
    +Deathfire Grasp
    ~Sorcerer's Shoes
    +Haunting Guise
    +Rabadon's Deathcap
    +Hextech Revolver
    ~Lich Bane
    ~Will of the Ancients

    Master Yi


    Mastery: 21/0/9; Ignite,Flash

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