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  • D3Reap3R

    Still work in progress - Only the beginning

    Basically, this is my design approach of gathering and creating a concept to the "Transmutation Magician", who can transform things into anything they like. I am not going to create a story around him as for now, but these are simply thoughts around creating such a kit and beginning a design.

    First thought: Creating a kit means having an idea. My idea for this kit is a melee to mid-range champion that focuses on short-duration changes (stats, etc.) to long-scale transmutation to either disrupt or break the enemy. A good kit usually resolves around a specific ability that is working as "core", as some kind of "shifting point". The actual second thought: Every character needs some originality, detail a…

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  • D3Reap3R

    Summoners of the Wikia!

    Your voice was heard!

    The vote has chosen; We are permanently changing to the new, updated design (that we sport already anyway :P) under oblivious circumstances:

    • The Wikia Logo has to be differently placed to not block the view.

    I thank everyone for participating! If you have anything left to say, please comment so!

    D3Reap3R: German Emissary of the League - Administrative Strategy Specialist 10:16, April 2, 2011 (UTC)

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  • D3Reap3R

    Summoners of the Wikia! Let me introduce you a new project: The 6 Point Star Rating System

    We all know it. Playing a game of League of Legends, we often meet a unfortunate situation; Your Team feeds, you feed, your enemy feeds, someone is fed for sure. The question that sometimes arises (flames aside, of course), What to do ?

    ---> Welcome to the 6 Point Star Rating System. The goal ? Striving to create a Overview for everyone to find help and possible find even BETTER ways to counter an enemy.

    The comments are free of usage. I am starting the list (so I keep it protected for the time being), but I offer everyone to help me. Found a good way ? Noticed a Loophole ? This item counters that champion perfect ? You write it, we learn it.

    Glad you wonderi…

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  • D3Reap3R


    Candidate: Twisted Fate

    Date: Unknown


    A sense of pride followed the tall person suit as his tender steps echoed throughout the stone halls of the Institute. Long since parted from other faces, he seemed to have followed the long halls for nearing eternities with his coat hanging loosely behind him, seemingly stemming itself against the invisible tailbacks of the air.

    A black hat with golden insignia and garnishes was purposely pushed into the face, hiding his charming features from the broad glances of possible by-passers. Golden plates with extraneous inscriptions strap his square shoulders with a leaving air of charm protected by a façade of an impenetrable image. A black jacket rounded everything up with similar col…

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