• D4rkWolf75

    Why hello thair, kind readers

    Its-a-me, Mario D4rkWolf75, (IGN Epvator), the rookie user (that no one knows or cares about, STFU & get to the point)

    , as you can guess by the tittle, this little blog/rant is about "kill stealing" (and partly overall gold distribution)

    I know what you're thinking, "only bronzie scrublords still complain about that, Jesus, you are low" 

    Well, that's somewhat true, but hear me out, k?

    No? I've already lost you? Fucking hell you guys are stuborn well fuck you to you miserable piece of shit 

    So, most of the times, if I see people complain/apologize about that, I just respond with the usual "kill steal doesn't exist"

    But what I've realised was that's only a small part of it

    As this is probably well known, unlike most game…

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  • D4rkWolf75

    Report in, summoners!

    January 20, 2014 by D4rkWolf75

    Well, hello there, dear readers!

    It's me, your dear D4rkWolf75/SuPPaHfAg (EUNE), and lets hope this blog doesn't lead to a disaster.

    RIOT finally reset the Ranked stats and Ranked play of S4 started. Once again, we are faced with the that are the Placement matches.

    (stolen pun is stolen), I decided to duo with a IRL friend of mine during our placements, being bot lane  adc marksman/support 9/10 games (looking at you, Mr,.

    Sadly, it didn't go so well, and we ended up with 5 wins/4 defeats + loss prevented.

    However, we still got placed in quite fine spots. got into Silver III, witch he didn't even get to reach in pre-season (and in season 3, he ended up Silver V), whilst got into Silver I, with Gold just around the corner. To some, that may be l…

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  • D4rkWolf75

    A little (longer) story

    November 11, 2013 by D4rkWolf75

    Hello my dear summoners! This is my first blog, so bear with me!

    I am an EUNE 14 (soon 15) year old Serbian player, currently Gold V with 72 points, with a lame-ass summoner name "SuPPaHfAg" *. With Season 3 coming to an end and rewards coming within the next few hours, I would like to finally write the blog I have been planing. Without further ado, here it goes.

    Let's start of by telling you my story.

    I am definitely not an old player, as I have joined somewhere between the Lulu and Hecarim patch (if I recall correctly, I think i joined the day before the Heca patch). I have started playing because a friend recommended the game to me. My first game I got harassed almost every 5 seconds by him and his "advices" and I cracked and went back to p…

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