Well, hello there, dear readers!

It's me, your dear D4rkWolf75/SuPPaHfAg (EUNE), and lets hope this blog doesn't lead to a disaster.

RIOT finally reset the Ranked stats and Ranked play of S4 started. Once again, we are faced with the PoppySquare Terror that are the Placement matches.

AnnieSquare Annieway (stolen pun is stolen), I decided to duo with a IRL friend of mine during our placements, being bot lane  adc marksman/support 9/10 games (looking at you, Mr,CaitlynSquare "Pro ADC w/ 80cs by min 20 and can't follow up for shit.

Sadly, it didn't go so well, and we ended up with 5 wins/4 defeats + loss prevented.

However, we still got placed in quite fine spots. EzrealSquare He got into Silver III, witch he didn't even get to reach in pre-season (and in season 3, he ended up Silver V), whilst LeonaSquare I got into Silver I, with Gold just around the corner. To some, that may be low, but in S3, I began in Bronze V. THE BRONZE V. So this is quite an amazing placement for me, and I think I will end up somewhere in the middle tiers of plat this time.

So, my question for y'all is: How well did you do on your placements?

Little ranked trivia about myself:

-Have never been demoted

-Never failed a promotion, except in pre-season, getting to gold IV, there I failed MaokaiSquare Tree times.