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    |alttype= |date=Never |health= |attack= |spells= |difficulty= |hp= |healthregen= |damage= |attackspeed= |range= |armor= |magicresist= |speed= }}Thifer, the Master Thief is a custom champion on the League of Legends Wiki.

    Thifer cannot buy trinkets. Instead, he carries a set of Thief's Tools in his trinket slot. Thifer can see Noxious Traps, Yordle Snap Traps, Bushwhacks and Jack In The Boxes within sight range, even when obscured by brush. These are only visible to the player playing as Thifer. Whenever Thifer attacks an enemy champion, he gains 5 gold. This cannot occur on the same champion for 5 seconds.

    }} }}

    Thifer strikes a target, dealing damage and stealing a random buff from that target. Stealing a buff means that the target loses the…

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    |alttype= |date=Never |health=5 |attack=7 |spells=3 |difficulty=3 |hp= |healthregen= |damage= |attackspeed= |range=125 |armor= |magicresist= |speed=340 }}Nivandy, the Weapon Master is a custom champion on the League of Legends Wiki.

    Depending on what weapon Nivandy has equipped, he gains bonus stats.
    • Sword: While Nivandy has a sword equipped, he gains % additional bonus Armor and % additional bonus Magic Resist.
    • Dagger: While Nivandy has a dagger equipped, he gains % Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
    • Lance: While Nivandy has a lance equipped, he gains 75 extra attack range and bonus attack damage.

    }} }}

    Nivandy equips a sword and attacks the target, dealing physical damage that increases the more damage Nivandy has taken. Nivandy keeps the sword e…

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  • DBinitiate

    |alttype= |date= Never |health=5 |attack=5 |spells=5 |difficulty=5 |hp= |healthregen= |mana= |manaregen= |damage= |attackspeed= |range= |armor= |magicresist= |speed= }}Gideon, The Former Summoner is a Custom Champion on the League of Legends Wiki. This champion was created for the CCC6.

    Gideon's training as a summoner grants him mastery over the spells summoners use. The cooldown of all summoner spells is lowered by 10%. This stacks multiplicatively with the Distortion Enhancement.

    }} }}

    Gideon either lowers the cooldowns of a target ally or deals damage to target enemy champion. Depending on the summoner spells Gideon has, this spell recieves extra effects.
    • Flash extends the range of this ability by 50.
    • Ghost grants the target a movement speed b…

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    | alttype = | date = | health = | attack = | spells = | difficulty = | hp = | healthregen = | mana = | manaregen = | range = 125 | damage = | attackspeed = | armor = | magicresist = | speed = 340 }} Azalea, the Dancing Blade is a custom champion on the League of Legends Wiki.

    Azalea ignores unit collision and takes 4(+2/level)% less damage from area of effect spells.


    Azalea dashes to target enemy or neutral unit, dealing damage upon arrival. Then, she can reactivate Dancer's Strike within 1 second to jump in the direction of the cursor.

    |leveling= |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana |range=500 }}

    For 3 seconds, Azalea's basic attacks hit multiple times, but apply o…
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    }}Invoker is a custom champion on the League of Legends Wiki.

    Invoker's ultimate changes depending on what combination of Quas, Wex and Exort instances he has. Invoker starts the game with access to his ultimate, but can't add levels in it. All of Invoker's ultimates have a global cooldown of 120/100/80 seconds that can be affected by cooldown reduction. Invoker can cast up to two ultimates after he reaches level 11, but he has only 10 seconds after the first cast to cast the second one before they go on cooldown.


    Adds a Quas instance to the instances Invoker manipulates. If Invoker already manipulates 3 instan…

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