• DJMatyas

    Hello there, I recently discovered that I play LoL badly, that its not supposed to be played the way I do. Or as the enemy Xin Zhao said, quote: ,,You fatass b*tch, you can't play for sh*t better uninstall the game.,'' as he fails to towerdive me the third time in a row when I played Gragas.

    First of lets just go over my most played role and champions. I usually play solo top, support or jungle, but in this case lets say I am a solotoper. My most played champs are Cho, Udyr, Gangplank, Nunu, Trundle and Gragas. I don't think that they are bad, as they fit my playstyle and are fun to play. I usually max my defensive/utility abilities and put a few points in the offensive ones so that if our jungler decides to show his blind arse top I can do a…

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