Hello there, I recently discovered that I play LoL badly, that its not supposed to be played the way I do. Or as the enemy Xin Zhao said, quote: ,,You fatass b*tch, you can't play for sh*t better uninstall the game.,'' as he fails to towerdive me the third time in a row when I played Gragas.

First of lets just go over my most played role and champions. I usually play solo top, support or jungle, but in this case lets say I am a solotoper. My most played champs are Cho, Udyr, Gangplank, Nunu, Trundle and Gragas. I don't think that they are bad, as they fit my playstyle and are fun to play. I usually max my defensive/utility abilities and put a few points in the offensive ones so that if our jungler decides to show his blind arse top I can do atleast some damage.

Now let's go to through playstyle, I take exhaust more often than ignite as I find it not as useful for me and my team (yeah its the classic ignite/flash teamcomp). When the game starts I purchase crystaline flask, pots and a ward (well it really depends on who I am against but these are my standard starting items). Then I help my jungler if I start on the blue side or go straight in my lane. I farm for the first 2 minutes, then I place a ward, and then I start poking the enemy and farm till like 10-15 minutes, push out my lane, go back, buy items, and go back to lane. The wave should be near my tower and I just farm and farm. At this point my lane opponent either tried diving me or went roaming and returned with a worse score (as I play mostly premade and my friends are the gods of League compared to me). I make sure my lane held until mid game, then I take down the enemy tower and start to roam and try to get my teammates or me fed. Late game just goes as usuall, most of the items are bought, teamfights happen, Baron contesting gets more intense and I either win or lose and as it is in most cases, its the former. 

Now please, tell me, what do I do wrong? How can I be a better player ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻