As some know, riot is changing 'offensive to defensive' free stats passives and there's somethings i think need changes, but here is my ideas.

Ashe Ashe: Focus.png Marksmanship: Every time Ashe makes a basic attack, she gains 3/4/5/6/7% critical strike chance, which reset when ashe gets a crit.

Evelynn Evelynn: Determined Killer.png Determined Killer: Evelynn's spells shred armor and her basic attacks shred magic resistance.

Katarina Katarina: Voracity.png Voracity: After casting 6 spells Katarina's next spell will instantly be off cooldown.

Udyr Udyr: Monkey's Agility.png Monkey's Agility: Every time Udyr changes stance he gains 10% attack speed, additionally upon reaching max stacks Udyr ignores unit collision. (stacks up to 3 times)

Vladimir Vladimir: Crimson Pact.png Crimson Pact: Vladimir gains .5% spell vamp for each % health missing capping when vladimir is at/below 20% health.

Xerath Xerath: Ascended Form.png Arcane Power: Xerath deals an additional 1% damage for every 40 units between him and his target.