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  • DamonDraven

    Oh, dear Reaver...

    December 12, 2014 by DamonDraven

    Everyone agrees on this: Reaver's build path is ugly. It's not worth being rushed on ADC casters (e.g. , , some and builds) despite the fact it should. And the stats you would buy it for (mana and CDR) are only granted upon completion, so you can't even buy a component early. Which makes sense in a way: if you want to rush Reaver, it must be worth it to complete it - but at the same time, it must have a component that you can rush while not getting behind. What gets you behind, in my opinion, is the . But what helps AD casters more than ?

    So, with this you get a good build path that doesn't get you behind. You can build a Brutalizer first if you want damage or Sickle if you need the mana gain. The lifesteal is tied to a consume of mana so…

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  • DamonDraven

    Some AS Items Overhauled

    December 12, 2014 by DamonDraven

    I remember reading some time ago about someone saying that it would be good to have an item that built into the 3 (2 at the time) on hit magic damage items (, and ). Which, combined with my firm belief that should be more useful on AP/AS builds (of which the three leading exponents are , AP and sometimes - doesn't really like the Storm) than on ADC builds, made me think about some changes to these items. Also, could be made more useful. (Yes, I basically swapped the bow and the sting since it made more overall sense for the build paths. This way, 's path is the only one that's weird.)

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