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  • Dantasticjux

    Are you one of those people who wants to get out of Bronze? 

    Well you're in luck! because I will tell you all about the ways to get out of bronze. Yes I have experienced Bronze 5 and how much of a pain it is. But I got out of Bronze 5 and I'm currently in B2. Yes, I know this is dumb, since I'm still in bronze, but don't panic! I can help you get out of bronze. First we must know that this is Solo Que. There aren't anyone you can really rely on or expect to carry you out of bronze. However you can carry yourself out of bronze. Clearly I'm not saying this tacitc/way will always win you games, since there are trolls and feeders in your team or even afkers and this might not always work due to the fact that you may not be as skilled to carry y…

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  • Dantasticjux

    The only reason you can go with first pick , is because no matter who counters him will able to win in lane. Although not much people use him (especially in ranked) these days, I tend to use him very often. He is probably my main, since I love to use champs who don't use mana such as , , , etc and I'm sure most of you agree since you are able to spam pots and sustain in lane.

    Ok, let's get to the point now. You want to master top? It's quite simple. First of all you must farm up with your w or autoattacks until level 2 or 3 which ever you prefer. But I like to go aggressive starting from level 2 since I get my then so I can just dash in, then dash out. These types of harass is immensely scary, since it does massive damage. But sometime…

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