Doesn't matter how do you call this phenomena. Elo rating disappeared, so elo hell did, but there is now Wooden League or something like that. I am currently rotating between Gold III-Gold II on EUNE. Almost all the players behave same way, make same mistakes every time and never admit their own failures, trying to abuse someone else. Let's discuss a bit:

1) Pick order.

Every crab thinks he can carry games, so he firstpicks lux or katarina and goes mid. Obviously he gets counterpicked and starts to feed.

- Unsafe pick

- Being counterpicked

- Feed

- Blame jungler/support/any other

- ???

- Profit..?

2) Ingame behavior

Most players think "I died, but left enemy  champ with 100 hp. I will fight him again and regain my HONOR!". Obviously he dies again or gets ganked and loses a ton of farm and exp. Very few players really know how much punishment can they take and inflict, or how same about enemy champ. Almost no one knows how to make lane passive, freeze it.

- Make a mistake and die

- Rush into combat and die again

- Cry for ganks

- ???

- Profit..?

3) Map awareness

Every second player doesn't pay attention to what's happening in other parts of the map. Imagine a situation where a ward is placed onto the river. Enemy jungler comes to gank through ward, top player continues to fight/farm. Obviously he dies, and cries to gank "to restore justice" while he could just walk away. Same happens when two players at bot lane (usually ad carry and support)  stay low-hp'ed under their turret waiting for something or trying to farm/defend. Obviously enemy jungler or mid comes to towerdive. They are both dead, turret is lost, dragon is lost. Isn't it better to go back and possibly lose turret, than to give 2 kills and lose turret anyway?

- Buy one ward

- Ward expires

- Die cause of invasion

- Cry for justice

- ???

- Profit..?

There are many examples of such Wooden League behavior. According to probability theory, this type of players can be on both sides, so you can act like Darius "Exploit every weakness", but it is still extremely hard to carry, when a 2vs4 kill is secured on bot lane while a player dies 1v1 at top.

So, few questions:

Where does Wooden league end? Where do players properly ward, cooperate, measure their strength and compare it to enemy? Platinum, Diamond?