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Champion Skin Ideas!

I've made this Blog because I'm bored, and I want to put my Skin Ideas somewhere. If you have your own Skin idea, be sure to suggest it in the comments!

Harrowing Skins

Zombie Heimerdinger - With the Donglord's remake coming up soon, why not give him a skin? His Q wouldn't be that hard to design a turret for (Gravestones, Anyone?), and his E can just be a Jack'O'Lantern, or a piece of brain. The problem here would be the W (bats for missiles?).

Definitely Not Orriana - Because Rito needs more fuel to fire up the fanfiction. Heck, even give the ball a Moustache for teh lolz.

Nightmare Teemo - Does this one even need explaining?


Jolly Yorick - Dashing through your hopes, laying ghouls in his wake. Expecting A fun lane? Well, Yorick's in the way HUEHUEHUE.

Yule'gath- Because even the largest, angriest demon's can enjoy Christmas. Icy Rupture, a Frosty Scream, Some more blue spikes, and and an ult that makes it more like "Eating Cookies and Snowcones", and not "Some poor human guy".

Penquinn - LOLOLOL Its a funny joke!... Its a shameless pun, but its enough for a skin.

And the Rest

Pizza Guy Draven - I know there's a Pizza Girl Sivir around the internet, but come on people, its Draaaaaven.

Dunk Master Yi - Hey Darius, Yi called, he wants his title back. Maybe somebody more proficient at dunking should get this skin, but Yi was the original.

Bilgewater Kog'maw - Kog'maw, he's already known as a glass cannon... so lets give him a pirate outfit and shove a Cannon in his mouth!

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