Oh, Yorick Dig Dug, how people think you are so OP, making them lose the laning phase hard because you kept throwing Omen of Famine.png Pokemans at them. And then, the tables turn, and you fall off hard. Fighting against Yorick is like being between a Malphite Rock and a Rammus Hard Place, but then came the Dr. Mundo SEASON Shyvana 4 (FOUR) Renekton META. Yeah, top is now made for the Supertanks, that you can never seem to Alistar Bully out of lane because of the pesky Drain.png SOOSTAIN they have. Has Yorick lost his bite against popular top picks? Lets find out!

Early Game, Yorick wants to constantly be trying to poke his opponent using Ghouls when they go in for Creeps, meaning they either have to retreat, or take the damage in exchange for the CS... except Dr. Mundo This... guy doesn't really have to get in range, nor does Shyvana Prototype Ebonmaw. And if your in range to ghoul Renekton Tick, Tock, he'll probably engage and win the trade. Not to mention Yorick's mana problems early game.

Mid Game, the Noxious Trap.png Beginner's Trap starts to kick in, making Yorick slightly less relevant... Yup... Thats all I got.

I'm not even sure if Yorick HAS a late game, I guess you just keep throwing ghouls out and hope for kills? I haven't played much Yorick Morick Yori, so I wouldn't know.

So, what do you think? Am I on to something? Or do you think I should Ignite.png Burn in Pillar of Flame.png Hell with Teemo SATANMO? Leave your thoughts below!