So, lets talk about something ADC'ish. You know, like the type of ADC and such. Yeah, that sounds like a good topic. Lets arrange every ADC and give them a Type of sorts. That sounds good.

AsheSquare Like that Disney Movie: Ashe is definitely an Utility ADC, with her slows, and her global skillshot ultimate. Her ultimate is mostly used at close range for a finisher, but if you can use it to help an ally in another lane, then its even better.

CaitlynSquare Cat in the Hat: Caitlyn is very much based around constant poke. With her above average range, headshot passives, and unkillable traps.

CorkiSquare LMAOcopter: Corki excels in spamming his ultimate to do the optimal amount of damage.

DravenSquare League of DRAVEN: Draven seems to be a mix of passive farming and full-on aggresion. He spends most of his time farming with his spinning axes, building passive stacks, then goes in to try get a kill for some nice bonus gold.

EzrealSquare You Belong in a Museum!: Eh... Haven't played alot of Ez, so don't have an accurate description. I'll think of one eventually.

GravesSquare Run and Gun: Graves is more of a Bruisery-Tanky melter than a ADC-Mage killer like most ADC's.

JinxSquare Janxed!: Jinx is one of the more popular ADC's, with an Attack Speed and Range Buff, A long ranged slow, a snare, and a global ult. I would say she's a poke based ADC.

Kog'MawSquare Squuuuuuish: One of the hardest carries, but the damn squishiest. Kog'maw is truly a glass cannon... that fires spit... Don't question it.

LucianSquare I'm Batman: Lucian excel's at killing target with his abilities. He has chase, poke, and his Culling can melt other ADC's. Overall, a burst carry.

Miss FortuneSquare SO MANY BULLETS: Miss Fortune is very much an AoE damage carry who uses her ult to deal most of the damage, and her other spells to clean up.

QuinnSquare Quinn2Win: Quinn is a mix of a medium aggresion ADC and a High Aggresion High Mobility Assassin. Quinn is a mixed bag of sorts.

SivirSquare WTF is my Weapon?: Sivir is a mix of Mobility and Damage, with a spell shield to block stuns and other CC.

TristanaSquare Deadly Smurf: Tristana is a carry with decent damage, but we all know its all about the resets. Leap into a fight, do some damage, leap away/leap to another target.

TwitchSquare Mickey Mouse: A Roaming ADC. If this guy gets ahead, he's going to go and gank other lanes as much as possible.

UrgotSquare Plz Love Me: A Tanky Disruptor who goes into a fight, and spams his Acid Hunters as much as possible. Not really the best  ADC choice though.

VarusSquare GRR ANGRY: I don't really know much about Varus. I might add this section later because I'm lazy.

VayneSquare No, I'M Batman: Vayne excels in killing targets with autoattacks and the occasional Wall-Smash stun. 

AnnieSquare Annieway (STOLEN PUN IS STOLEN AND STOLEN AGAIN), thats all the ADC's I can think of right now. Hopefully this helps with Something.